World’s Largest Clinical Trial on the Impact of Biocidal Surfaces on HAIs
Reveals Significant Reductions in MDROs and C. difficile

Total Beds

Beds Intervention

Patient Days


Reduction in MDROs


Reduction in C. diff

“We are… going to need new treatments, new aides, new processes to reduce the opportunity for infection, and this, to me, is the beginning of a new wave of products to solve those problems.”

Dr. Gene H. Burke, MD
Vice President and Executive Medical Director for Clinical Effectiveness, Sentara

“It’s easy math. And it’s much, much more than finance. It’s about the culture, and the commitment of the company, to make it so that we don’t harm our patients.”

Dr. Terry Gilliland, MD
Senior Vice President and Chief Medical Officer of Sentara Healthcare

“Each one of those avoided infections is going to get patients out of the hospital quicker, potentially could avoid a readmission, which hurts us on the Medicare side, and all of this is not even discussing the impact on the patient.”

Robert Broermann
Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer,Sentara


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